Using Images to Increase Conversions

How to Use Images on Your Website to Boost Conversion Rates Our brains are incredibly adept at processing visual information. Neuroscientists from MIT found that the brain can process entire


6 Ways to Incorporate Social Proof Into Your Web Design

6 Ways to Incorporate Social Proof Into Your Web Design   Social proof is the phenomenon where people look to their environment to guide their own behavior. Robert Cialdini, author


Sell Online With WooCommerce

There is no question about it—Online sales are exploding. More consumers are now shopping online than ever before across all devices. Data from Statista shows that global B2C eCommerce sales will reach


5 Reasons Why Hiring Web Designers is Better Than Site Builders

Having a website is simply a must in today’s digital world and is the first step to building a strong online presence. Potential customers can land on your site to


3 Key Principles of Web Usability That Can Make or Break Your Site

Seconds. That is how long the average online users stay on websites before moving to the next one. Research has shown that a majority of page visits last less than


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