We always knew that Perth was a small market and that being outsiders to the industry was never going to be easy. It has however, been interesting to see the reaction by many established companies to our success. Some admire us, others loathe us, but either way, we have been noticed.

Any publicity is good publicity, if our competition wishes to bad mouth us in front of clients, they simply do not see the bigger picture. I say keep going for it, as ironically it works in our favour and we appreciate all the free publicity. Any discerning business owner would investigate who PWD is, they would quickly see from the quality of the work, our experienced team of industry professionals and testimonials that they have just been fed propaganda from a heel-clicking salesman.

PWD was started from a kitchen with an advertising budget of only $80. Our question is why had nobody registered the business name before? Seemed like an obvious one to us, descriptive and excellent for SEO, why wouldn’t you?

The next 3 years were tough; our start-up was in the Global Financial Crisis, which only made it harder. Just so it felt like my hands were tied behind my back, I had enrolled in a full time Law degree as an International Student.

My team stayed loyal and everyone I have employed so far has stuck with me, some have been approached with money offers from other agencies yet have stayed @ PWD, speaks volumes I think…?

I love my team, I love the business and now that UNI is out the way, great things will happen. I plan to put some decent competition into two more industries and boy will we see some whining then.


Our Services:

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